Bing Adds Mobile-Only Campaigns

20th June 2017

Bing Ads has been late to the device targeting party in comparison to Google. However, it has now rolled out several global changes that allow advertisers to run mobile-only campaigns. The move was announced by the Microsoft owned search engine in an announcement on its blog on 12th June.


How Does the Change to Bing Ads Work?

Advertisers can completely opt out (set to -100%) from displaying ads on desktop. The new range for device targeting on the desktop is now in-line with the rest of the devices at -100% to + 900%.

As most users use their Google Adwords account as a starting point for their Bing campaign, it is worth noting that the import function is one of the areas that has been upgraded to benefit from this new feature which will be available through all endpoints including Bing Ads Web Interface (including Google Import), Bing Ads Editor (Mac and Windows) and the Bing Ads API.


When Will I See the Update to Bing Ads?

As you might expect for a company with many customer accounts and server farms, the move to the new settings has not happened in one, swift movement. Some customers of Bing Ads have already seen the change, with the full rollout expected to be completed within the next few weeks.


What Do The Changes to Bing Ads Mean for Agencies and PPC Managers?

This move brings Bing in line with the policies in use in Google ads, so should result in less duplication of effort when importing in to the Bing Ads account from AdWords.  The device bid adjustments will now be the same on initial import.

However, it may well be worth advertisers checking to see if the different search layouts on Bing and Google are in anyway causing issues with the customisation of the ads and may need further changes to achieve the required results.