Bing Adds Call Conversions

14th December 2017

Bing Advertisers can now add call conversion data to their campaigns allowing for easier attribution for their phone based marketing channel.  As well as manual uploads in all of the usual formats, the service now allows direct integration with third-party tracking tools using API’s as well as via the offline conversion import tool built into Bing Ads.


Call Data Closes the Loop

The new source of data is ideal to “close the loop” on interactions that start online but are currently lost to online ad tracking systems when the transaction is completed by phone.  This can typically occur in cases where a business does not have an online sign-up facility, or when an existing customer decided to call and speak with a sales rep who they have a pre-existing relationship with.

The new source of information will also show advertisers which ads are performing more precisely than previously, meaning that ads that drive calls can be measured more effectively.


New Dataset Adds to Bing Solutions

The new dataset builds on functionality that was added to the Bing Ads service in September 2017.  That update allowed information to be brought in to the Bing Ads platform automatically from Customer Relationship Management systems such as Salesforce.

For Bing users using the API, the first system unveiled as part of the service is the popular CallTrackingMetrics package. The system can now be configured to automatically send session and conversion data to Bing Ads campaigns.  Other packages are likely to be added soon.


Call the PPC Experts

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