Are You Using Extended Text Ads?

14th August 2017

Have you already changed your PPC ads to the expanded text format in Google AdWords? If so, well done. You have been very proactive. But are you making use of all of the other extension formats that can make you stand out? We’ll come back to how to do this later, but for now, let’s focus on the expanded ads.

Google stopped users making ads in the old format on 31st January 2017. However, if you created ads before that date and haven’t been back to check, the chances are that you will still be using the standard text ads, and that has the potential to cost you sales in any e-commerce situation where your competitors have kept up to date with the shift in technology.


Make the Most of the Expanded Text Ads

Expanded text ads have almost 50% more ad text available and an additional headline.

You need to add the extra headline. That’s the fastest way of making the move. But why not examine how your ads work. Consider the entire message that you want to present in your AdWords marketing, taking into account all parts of your new ad and make sure to use the extra characters wisely. You don’t need to fill the space, but make what is there extra relevant.

  • Take advantage of your character limits and use as much space as possible in the headline field. After all, space is clickable. Focus on optimising your headlines. People are most likely to read the headline of your ad.
  • Create more ads. If your existing ads are still performing well in some keywords, supplement them. This gives the best of both worlds. You can also experience with different ad variations
  • Experiment with ad variations. AdWords tools that support experimenting with different ad text.

Using the Extra Space from AdWords Extension

You should be using as many extensions as your website can support. If you have already adopted snippets for your SEO, make sure that these are also listed in your PPC campaign.
Make sure that the phone call out is supported and is set to show during your business hours. If you do not use your answering machine, there is an argument in not having the phone number displayed during the hours you are not in the office.

The new messaging extension may prove to be a benefit if you are frequently mobile, as this allows you to receive messages directly from the ad to your mobile phone as an SMS. You can also reply.

Callouts should always be used. These are simply bullet points of your USP’s but are great for shouting the benefits of your products and services from the rooftops. Similarly, make sure that site link extensions are present and relevant. Use them to give access to the next layer of your navigation, or alternatively to show related categories of products.


Call The Experts

If you have had difficulty in moving your Google AdWords account over to the newly expanded text format or simply haven’t found the time, then it is probably worth making the call to the PPC experts at DOM Marketing.