AdWords Promotion Extension Launched

21st November 2016

Google AdWords has been busy with updates and rolling out enhancements recently. The latest expansion to the PPC advertising service is now rolling out that allows online advertisers the ability to highlight limited time promotions and voucher code as part of the paid advert.

The promotion expansion appears to be slowly being rolled out and was originally spotted by the team at SERP’s toolkit builders MOZ.


Display Position in PPC Ads

The new extension seems to display in between the consumer rating annotations that have been a growing part of the SERP’s since their launch in 2014 and the well-used sitelink extensions. It is not yet known what the official name for this functionality will be.

The system is similar to the Merchant Promotions tool that has been available in Google Shopping ads for over four years and appears to be using the same icon to signify its presence. Whether this identifies a longer-term unification plan for the two similar services is not known.


Promotion Extension Uses Outside Ecommerce

By extending promotion extensions out from the shopping section of Google and into text ads advertisers from other verticals outside of e-commerce will now be eligible to use them to highlight special offers on services.


What does the Promotion Extension Mean for PPC

For the PPC manager, it also means that the advertiser can change out a single ad extension rather than update all the ad copy. This makes the operation more flexible than previously, freeing up time.

The new Promotions Extension is available in PPC ads across mobile and desktop environments.

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