AdWords New Feature – Headline Reverse

2nd August 2017

Users of Google AdWords and particularly those with an interest in e-commerce PPC have routinely created two adverts to a/b split test the effectiveness of their headlines. Google AdWords has now launched a facility that easily allows you to create a second ad within the same ad group by simply reversing the headline 1 and headline 2 texts within the Google AdWords Editor. What does this mean for your ads?


No Need to Use

There is no need to use the headline testing tool in AdWords, although it is enabled by default. Google is effectively encouraging you to drop the hard work and let its headline system create the ads for you.

If you have been creating the headlines of your ad to function as two separate sentences, then this automation shouldn’t create any huge problems for you. If that’s the case, leave the tick box checked and get an extra ad created for free. If it converts poorly, then you can always switch the ad off later.

If on the other hand, you are one of those people who uses headline line 2 to continue a sentence, then you must turn this setting off before it generates your adverts. It will make the auto-generated ad into unintelligible gibberish. This will not convert and could have a negative effect on click-through rate and even harm your overall ad scores.


Should I Still Manually Create the Second Ad?

Yes, unless you are absolutely pushed for time for some reason, there is no reason not to manually create a second ad. After all, the automated system is only twisting around the headlines. It does not allow you to test the actual ad description, it also doesn’t give you the opportunity to see how the ad performs using different words around the keywords.
You should also press ahead with your choice of ad extensions, these extra, brightly defined headlines will likely give your more click-throughs than you are likely to extract from either the manual second ad or the automatically generated variant.


PPC Advice

If you are still struggling following the changes to AdWords recently, why not call on the services of DOM Marketing. We are E-commerce PPC experts and are always happy to discuss your PPC problems.