AdWords Landing Page Tool Launches

25th August 2017

Search giant Google has finally begun the roll out its long-announced mobile landing pages assessment tool for PPC advertisers. The tool was first previewed at the Google AdWords Keynote in May 2017
PPC advertising traditionally uses a mix of current pages and specially designed pages on which to land visitors on the site. The new tool is designed to help marketers assess the mobile-friendliness of various URLs on their sites It is being rolled out in the next few weeks as a tab in the new AdWords experience.


Using the AdWords Landing Page Tool

The landing pages tool will identify the web addresses that drive the most clicks and engagement. The tool will also report the Mobile-Friendly Click Rate (MFCR). This is a measure of the percentage of mobile clicks coming from smartphones that land on a mobile-friendly page. This will enable marketing teams to analyse the results in more depth and fix the pages that are performing well on the desktop but do not transfer well to the screens of tablets, mobile and other non-desktop devices.

Understanding the AdWords Needs of Mobile Users

The specific needs of mobile users are well understood but are not always well catered for, even on websites that are nominally responsive. Issues such as text resizing not working correctly, or tightly bunched buttons and links that cause constant issues with incorrect selection of the desired site link are amongst the many problems that frequently make websites convert poorly on mobile devices.
These issues are often easy to miss in a large site, and sometimes do not show up as problems on mobile devices that apply their own re-rendering and enhancements to the pages they serve up from the internet.

Future development of the Google Adwords landing page tool will see data on display and video advertising success rates, however, this will not initially be available. The rollout will complete over the coming weeks.