AdWords Editor 12.2 Launches

28th November 2017

Google unveiled an early Christmas present last week in the shape of AdWords Editor 12.2. The new software is the second major upgrade for AdWords Editor 12 which launched in June 2017. Whilst version 12.1 largely only brought us Showcase Shopping Ads, the new version packs in many extra facilities.

Version 12.2 of the AdWords Editor, brings a number of new features for PPC experts including Gmail asset-based ads, full support for promotion and video extensions and a new budget-type option for video ads.


New Features in AdWords 12.2

The last update to the AdWords Editor was version 12.1, which brought Shopping Showcase Ads support.  However, added features in the version 12.2 update include:


  • Gmail asset-based ads:

Asset-based ads in Gmail are now fully supported in AdWords Editor. This allows for easier monitoring of the platform

  • Campaign total budgets for video:

Video campaigns now have the option of choosing the Campaign Total budget type.

  • Custom rules updated:

New built-in custom rules are now available for structured snippet extensions and non-serving campaigns and ad groups.

  • Semantic location:

You can now set a bid modifier to target your ads by location. This makes targeting more precise, by allowing you to spend your budget more effectively in areas of the highest likely return.

  • Promotion extensions:

Promotion extensions are now fully supported by AdWords Editor.

  • Life events:

“Life events” is now a category of audience targeting. This function allows you to target events such as graduation, first home, engagements and the birth of new children.

  • Video campaign extensions:

All video campaign extensions are now supported.  This improved support has been called for by the growing community of video marketing experts.

  • Ad group level ad rotation:

Ad groups can now be set so that ads rotate.

  •  Expanded language targeting:

Campaign language targeting is now available for Bengali, Tamil and Telugu.


Call the Experts

You can download the new AdWords Editor here. But if you would rather use the services of Google AdWords Premier Partner PPC Experts then give DOM Marketing a call.  Our friendly in-house team will be able to offer you a fully informed analysis of your current PPC account, as well as pointing you to the future.