AdWords and DoubleClick Brands Dropped

4th July 2018

Google is to drop its AdWords brand for PPC after 18 years of use and rebrand as Google Ads. The advertising platform will also drop the name DoubleClick that has been in use for 22 years. DoubleClick for publishers and its associated Ad exchange is also being dropped.

The replacements brands will also see some of the services rolled together in an attempt to simplify the naming conventions and position Google advertising services into a new small business friendly space.

There will now be three primary brands:

Old Name New Name
Google AdWords Google Ads
Double Click Advertiser products Google Marketing Platform
Google Analytics 360 Suite Google Marketing Platform
DoubleClick for Publishers Google Ad Manager
DoubleClick Ad Exchange Google Ad Manager

The US-based online ad company announced the new move at a press conference on Tuesday, with new brands and solutions being released on Wednesday.


Introducing Google Ads

The new Google Ads is more or less a rebranding that reflects that the major growth areas are no longer in text-based advertising, but in a wider range or text, messaging services, image and photo services that were not available at launch in 2000 when the internet was still largely text-based.

It would also appear that AdWords Express is making way for a new small businesses service known as Smart Campaigns.  This newly renamed tool will continue to focus on small businesses who don’t have the time or resources to manage complex digital advertising campaigns.

Smart Campaigns will be the new entry-level standard and will rely on machine learning. The ad creative, targeting and delivery are largely automated.


Google Marketing Platform

This tool brings together DoubleClick Advertising and the Analytics 360 suite.  The concept is to help marketing executives to plan, buy, measure and optimise their digital media from within the same platform.  Other tools to be added to the platform are display and video 360, Search Ads 360, Google Data Studio, Optimise 360 and Google Audience Centre.

The new service will also integrate with Google ads.


Google Ad Manager

This new service brings together Doubleclick for Publishers and the DoubleClick Ad Exchange.  All ad buying on the new service will be programmatic.  The Ad X buyer programme of DoubleClick will now become Google Ad Manager Authorised Buyers.

The service is also taking aim at large buyers of media space on live streams, connected TV and mobile games.

The new service names (and services) are due to begin roll-out in mid-July.

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