AdWords Affiliate Locations

1st December 2016

PPC has always been a cost-effective way of drawing visitors to e-commerce websites, but for brands without their own retail presence, or with restrictive agreements with their retailers, it has often raised frustrations.

Luckily, the new affiliate locations extensions allow those companies who sell through retail chains to reach consumers when they are deciding what to buy and where to purchase from. The service is available from UK accounts but is currently only able to target consumers in the USA, but it should be rolling out to the UK and other worldwide locations shortly. For UK based international brands, particularly those pushing for US-sales in the current post-Brexit uncertainty, this could create a boom in sales.


How Affiliate Location Extensions Work



Setting Up Affiliate Locations Extensions in Google Adwords

It’s relatively easy for any brand to set up Adwords Location Extensions, simply:

  • Sign in to AdWords.
  • Select which level (either Account, Campaign or Ad group) that you wish to trigger the extension.
  • Click Ad extensions.
  • Click View and select affiliate location extensions.
  • Click + Extension.


Next Steps in Setting Up Affiliate Locations Extensions

All easy so far! The next steps are a little more technical, but should not phase the PPC expert too much.

At this stage, you will see a popup that asks you to specify this the type of retailer (only general retailers, roughly equivalent to the UK term High Street Retailer, are available. The country selector is below this, but at the time of writing this is limited to US stores only).

A pre-filled box gives you an option of a number of US-based chains from 7-11 to Walmart. Simply select the chain, and the nearest locations are shown to your potential customers.

Once you have selected all of your chains, simply press save and your update is completed.