3 Headlines for Responsive Search Ads

10th May 2018

Google Adwords has launched a beta version of a new ad format that offers more real estate in PPC ads on the search engine results page by combining advertisers headlines and descriptions dynamically

The new service is not yet available to all users and is being tested by a number of users. But it has been noted users taking advantage of the new service have been able to

  • Show up to three headlines instead of two.
  • Show up to two 90-character descriptions instead of one 80-character description
  • This increase in space is quite significant, effectively adding 50 characters to the ad space.


How do the new responsive ads work?

Because of the way the ad works and the need to automatically select content, the new responsive ads are quite unusual to anyone who has worked to craft ads in the current system

Within each advertisement, it is now possible to have up to 15 headlines and four descriptions within the single ad. The other fields, such as path 1 and path 2, callouts and sitelinks remain the same as they are within the currently available expanded text ads.

Google suggests writing your first three headlines as if they’ll appear together (in whatever order) in the ad.  It is also possible to pin headlines to specific positions and to pin them to the description field.  You can, however, pin more than one headline to a position.  This allows the dynamic matching AI to find the most suitable advert.


What are the benefits of using the new responsive ads?

Google suggests that the key benefit of these type of ads is that it puts you within reach of more potential customers. By creating a series of ads within the same group, Google believes that users will Save time by providing multiple headlines and description option and letting AdWords show the most relevant combinations to your customers.  It also suggests that the new combinations will reach more potential customers by competing in more auctions and match more queries.


Tips for using responsive search ads

Google has made available a help page for the new feature. The page can be found at https://support.google.com/adwords/answer/7684791?hl=en

Amongst the top tips to maximise the utility of the ads, Google has suggested that advertisers try to make the headlines distinct from each other, spotlighting different features, benefits, offers, calls to action and so on, as well as writing headlines that are relevant to the keywords in the ad group and including at least one of the keywords in your ad group in the headlines.

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