Why Create a Lead Generation Website?

2nd August 2018

The internet is everywhere and the average person in the UK now picks up their phone on average once every 12 minutes. 78% of adults now own a smartphone with internet access.  If your marketing has not moved on since you placed your first ad in the Yellow Pages, then it might be time for your business to consider a better online presence.


What is a lead generation site?

Online business is not just about retail sales and e-commerce. Any business can generate customers leads, booking or consultations using the power of online.  There is no limit on the kind of businesses that can benefit. From car mechanics to plastic surgeons, if you need customers you can find them online.

A lead generation site is typically a low-maintence site that informs the potential customer of your services and takes lead enquiries. As skilled web developers and content creators, a site from DOM Marketing will tell your story, highlight your services and facilitate an easy way for your customer to contact you

Our in-house SEO experts will target the content of the website so that it ranks highly for profitable and often read keywords that connect to the services you are selling.


Why not just use a lead generation hub?

Lead generation providers such as People per Hour or Trusted Trader are great for some businesses, they are a familiar brand in the industry and for some consumers, they provide a feeling of safety and security.

However, these services come at a high cost to the professionals using these portals.  Once the various fees are taken into consideration, you are likely to receive far better value from your direct advertising that you are from these services. As you are marketing yourself independently, you have also lessened the competition.  Your potential customer will not be receiving calls from the sales staff at your competitor.


How do I deal with the leads?

A lead generation site can send an email to your sales team each time a new lead becomes available, this allows the salesperson to contact the potential client and complete the sale for your product or service.

If you are a small group of people working collaboratively, say for instance a firm of accountants, we can arrange for you to have your leads and enquiries sent directly to an online spreadsheet which can be marked with colours to identify worked leads and their place in the sales pipeline.


Can I use PPC to drive traffic to a lead generation site?

The goal of any website is to achieve a natural organic listing, but often it is worth paying to advertise your services.  At DOM Marketing we offer a number of advertising platforms from traditional PPC through to social media video adverts. A lead generation site from DOM Marketing is 100% compatible with the tracking services used by paid online advertising.

Another benefit is that unlike traditional marketing, we are able to tell you the exact cost of your leads, enabling you to keep a close eye on the revenue generated from your marketing activity.


Lead generation – how much data should I collect?

The amount of data you collect is entirely down to you, but we would suggest that online, shorter forms tend to deliver more enquiries than longer forms.  People tend to respond more positively to a personal enquiry, making it easier for your sales staff to gather more in-depth information by speaking with the client.


Lead generation and GDPR

The new GDPR regulations are problematic for businesses. The data collected from your sites will not violate GDPR, and we will ensure that your new site stores and processes data securely an in accordance with the new rules.

DOM Marketing has long-term experience in creating and managing lead generation websites. If you feel that your business would benefit from the services we offer, then get in touch today.