New Report on Local Rankings

30th September 2015

SEO tools provider MOZ has released a new report confirming the key ranking factors in local search. As expected by most in the industry, the top factors include

  • Domain Authority of Website
  • Quality/Authority of Inbound Links to Domain.
  • City and county in Google My Business Landing Page Title
  • Click-Through Rate from Search Results
  •  Keyword Relevance of Domain Content


Moz Identifies Over 50 Metrics for Local Search

Moz identified more than 50 metrics that can feed into the search result, but it shows that most of the factors are similar to the quality metrics seen in traditional SEO. Particularly important are the number and quality of inbound links that are directed towards the site.
There is also a recognition of the importance of middlemen reviewers such as Yelp and Tripadvisor.

More interestingly from a developer point of view, a number of negative factors are detected, that could potentially be time-consuming for a business to correct. These include listing in the incorrect sections of directories and online listings, and mismatches between telephone numbers and locations (or worse a lack of local contact numbers and the existence of a 0845 or similar non-geographic telephone number.

Commenting on the report David Mihm, the Moz local search director who conducted the survey said: “Overall, we’ve seen a continuation of the gradual trend toward Google rewarding quality on all fronts, from citations to links to reviews.”