Google My Business Agency Dashboard Launches

13th June 2018

On the 5th June, Google launched the Google my Business agency dashboard that had been promised in a statement last month.

The Google my Business service has long been at the crossover point between local search and SEO.  It is in effect a free classified listing on the Google platform and helps to attract new customers by allowing business owners to provide more information than Google is able to scrape from websites. The listings appear when people search for a business or for services that the business offers.  The data is displayed on Google Search and Google Maps.


New features in Google My Business agency dashboard

The original version of Google My Business was destined for use by business owners and managers. This new variation has been designed with agency users in mind, making it simple to manage multiple accounts on behalf of various clients.

The new agency dashboard makes available a number of new features, these include:

  • Manage all your locations under one account
  • The limit of 100 locations per account has now been removed from the dashboard.
  • Send and receive invitations to manage listings and see the status of those invitations. This allows you to delegate the listing to the local store so they can make changes on their own store pages without requiring agency input
  • You can also quickly search for locations within your entire account or within a particular Location Group.


Agency management features for Google My Business

Many of the new management features are based around making it easier to give limited access to clients to allow them to make small improvements to their presence in Google My Business.

Location Groups work in a similar way to business accounts. When setting things ups, you are required to put all organizations into a Location Group to help with location management.

Agencies can request access to a customer’s location through a Location Group, or customers can invite an agency’s Location Group to co-manage their listing.

New user Groups enable agencies to manage teams and control access to their Location Groups with different permission levels.

Agency clients can register at to gain access to the new dashboard.