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The latest news about local business PPC and SEO from DOM Marketing, a UK based retail marketing agency.

13th June 2018

Google My Business Agency Dashboard Launches

On the 5th June, Google launched the Google my Business agency dashboard that had been promised in a statement last month. The Google my Business service has …

7th November 2017

Google Launches Home Service Ads in USA

Google AdWords is an ideal set up for large businesses and those in retail. However, for smaller tradespeople, it doesn’t always hit the spot. In the USA …

24th May 2017

Bing Bots for Local Businesses

Bing – The search engine from Microsoft has announced that it will be extending it bot framework in an attempt to make search more interactive. The company …

10th April 2017

Opportunities in Location Based Marketing

Location based marketing really began to get going with the advent of the smartphone. Before this, previous incarnations of mobile internet had proved to be two slow …

6th April 2017

Sowing the Roots for Google My Business

Local search is an area that is really growing amongst the SEO community now. There are several solutions out there including well-known names Bing Maps and Apple …

30th September 2015

New Report on Local Rankings

SEO tools provider MOZ has released a new report confirming the key ranking factors in local search. As expected by most in the industry, the top factors …