Twitter Moves Towards Curation with Moments

12th October 2015

Social media giant Twitter has introduced a new feature to its US users that brings together the biggest stories on the platform and keeps the user updated with the latest tweets on the selected subjects allowing minute-to-minute updates on breaking news and events. The service also automatically closes the moment once the tweets on the subject have slowed down.


Twitter Upgrade has Branding Potential

The system is currently US-only but has the potential for brands to increase their level of contact with the public by tweeting information around ongoing events that can be picked up by the system.

For instance, a brand could talk about the clothing being worn at an awards ceremony during the event, or a bookmaking brand could use the facility to give the latest odds whilst a football game is in-play. Obviously, the content would need to add to the coverage to be included.

The system allows the full integration of a number of message types from video and photos to plain text. It is also able to serve up videos from the co-owned Vine platform.

Users are able to swipe left and right to see different categories including News, Entertainment, Fun and Sports. It is currently assumed that most marketing opportunities will appear outside of the news sections.

No details of the UK launch date of the social media service have yet been given.