Tips for Influencer Marketing Campaigns

12th July 2016

Influencer marketing based brand awareness campaigns are a fast growing and useful promotional tool for any company. Far from the traditional SEO idea of bringing links from across the web, this method looks to increase the knowledge amongst consumers as its primary goal, gaining links, traffic and sales through recommendations that are also beneficial for organic search from people with many regular readers and followers.


Influencer Marketing – A Two-Way Street:

If you are talking with your friends about a product, you invariably will mention the product and tell these friends where they can purchase the item. This behaviour is echoed by the majority of influencers on both social media and blog posts.

An even better method to employ, if you have the necessary high-value contributors, of course, is the on-site guest post. The blog should be signposted from the influencers own site, giving a link that fans of the online celebrity can follow to read more.


Packaging Experiences:

Most of the time an influencer campaign will consist of product samples/review copies or straightforward access to an event in the form of free cinema or concert tickets.

An alternative model for generating influencer activity for brand awareness is to offer the influencer a package to ensure that they have something positive to inform their readers about.

This doesn’t necessarily mean financial inducement, it could be complementary VIP tickets to an event that you sponsor, or where your products feature prominently. It could even be some kind of behind the scenes access to your products or their design process.

The trick is to create packages for influencers that give them a writing angle (preferably backed up with supplied images and pre-written copy) that they can use to make their posts as easy and accurate as possible), as well as fun. However, make sure that they feel appreciated and looked after during their visit.


Stay Away from ‘In Your Face’ Messaging:

Influencer marketing is not advertising, and whilst you want to encourage mentions of your brand, the end goal is not to have your brand as front and centre. People are coming to see the content featuring the influencer, so steer away from anything that overshadows the star.


Work the Fan Base:

Natural syndication occurs when the fan base becomes part of the promotion. One quick method of achieving this is the Q and A with the influencer. People are more likely to spread your interview around the net if they have been involved.

Using tools such as Follower Wonk, or even just looking at Twitter profiles and gauging the number of followers, will give you an idea of who the most followed and active people are within the fan base. Involve these people and get them to ask questions about your influencer. Encourage them to share their question and answer with your chosen hashtag or brand mention to increase your reach.


Mine the Fan Base:

An interesting possibility for working with influencers is to capture the fan base and hold on to them. One way that has been proven to work is competitions that are exclusive to a blogger (or across a group of bloggers) and use the competition as a data collection exercise by taking entries that include a name and email address. You are then able to use this data in future campaigns, sales promotions or new range launches to get back in touch with people who have already shown interest in your brand.

Influencer marketing is a great way of building brand awareness. If you would prefer to outsource such a campaign, DOM Marketing offers a number of options to spread the message about your products and service. Visit our influencer marketing page for more details.