Most Influential YouTube Stars

26th October 2015

The BBC has revealed an updated list of the most influential YouTube creators and influencers in the UK.

The top of the list is 22-year-old Watford resident Olajide JJ Olatunjui, best known for filming himself playing computer games on his KSI channel. His brother Deji Olatunji (Comedy Shorts Gamer) is second on the list with a more comedy-oriented line of appearances.

The rise of these social media influencers is further proof of the transition of a generation away from mainstream media into highly profitable niches that are served by vloggers with a lower cost base.


The Top 10 YouTube Influencers and Their Social Reach

Whilst the video games and fashion sectors seem to be a major benefactor of products to these channels, the phenomena of beauty PR companies providing make-up samples to bloggers has also been a driving factor in the expansion of this growing industry.

Name Total Social Reach September 2015 Views
KSI 17.4 million 73.6 million
Comedy Shorts Gamer 7.5 million 71.1 million
Zoella 22.1 million 23.9 million
Thatcher Joe 14 million 27.5 million
Caspar 13.6 million 18 million
The Syndicate Project 13.7 million 20.1 million
Miniminter 3.7 million 46.9 million
Marcus Butler 10.9 million 8.8 million
Spencer FC 1.6 million 24 million
Pointless Blog 12.8 million 12.4 million


What are the Benefits for Fashion PR and Brand Promotion

For advertisers and public relations companies looking to promote retail brands and services, the move away from the TV model of promotion into a directly measured and highly tailored marketplace opens up a vast range of opportunities that were previously closed due to regulation and cost.

This move away from the normal viewing model of scripted content, that has been present in people’s home since the earliest days of television, has allowed mass-market retailers (selling to people who do not really quote model numbers) to present their content in a new and more down to earth way.

For retailers, particularly those using fashion PR for their brand promotion, it has opened up a completely new world of opportunities. These businesses are now able to have their products fronted by natural looking and sounding people in a way that does not sound like an advert, and does not feel like a forcibly included part of a storyline, or unnatural dialogue in a scripted show.


The Future of Online Social Influencers

Whether they are making millions, or are simply expanding their wardrobe, this new trend in YouTube marketing is sure to expand rapidly in the next few years as people become more familiar with the content on offer. YouGov suggests that around 30% of TV’s in the home are now smart and offer access to services such as YouTube.

The new generation of connected devices such as TV streaming services, such as NOW TV and Amazon Fire TV, as well as the YouView boxes from BT and Talk Talk also offer similar functionality. With low-cost devices offering easy access to the content of YouTube creators and influencers, their looks to be a growing market for this form of entertainment leading us to believe that some form of this style of content will be available for a long time to come.


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KSI goes Shooting by FieldsportsChannel TV – Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Commons.