More Than Half Of UK Mobile Users Now Using Facebook

29th February 2016

In the course of a month, over 33 million people living in the UK are expected to log in to their Facebook which adds up to just over half of the UK’s 66 million population. The figure represents a big breakthrough for the social media platform and allows improved levels of contact with influencer marketing professionals

Another breakthrough for Facebook will be that more than half of the mobile users from the UK are Facebook users, this is an astounding 26.9 million which is equal to 50.8% of UK mobile phone users.


Facebook Vs Twitter: Who Has More Users?

When compared to Twitter, Facebook has a larger amount of users with Twitter only holding 25.5% of the UK population logging into the platform monthly. The UK Twitter user base is predicted to increase to 17.2 million by 2020. There are a number of people involved in the influencer marketing industry

A report by eMarketer states that this year 81% of UK Facebook users will be accessing their account through a mobile phone, and this is said to grow 7% by the year 2020. The report also states that women in the UK log into their accounts more than men each month.

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