Influencer Marketing – An Insider Guide

The power of social media has come under intense scrutiny over the last few months, but despite the claims of undue influence on everything from children to Brexit, influencer marketing, when done well can give a great return on investment in a clear way.


Product placement and online promotion

You have probably noticed the increase in product placement in TV and films, even long-running ITV soap opera Coronation Street has recently gained a branch of Costa Coffee and a Co-Op supermarket in return for a financial contribution to the making of the programme.  That’s all very well for a huge multinational like Costa, but how do you have a similar effect if you are a smaller enterprise?

The answer is to look at the many channels on YouTube that reach the audience that you are seeking.  Let’s assume you are running a pet toy company as an example.

Option a – Place influencer marketing activity on a channel directly related to pet care, dog obedience etc.  This will reach your target group head on

Option b – Place influencer marketing activity with a channel likely to appeal to the pet owner, such as owners of estate cars, vacuum cleaner reviews or reviews of countryside walks.

Option c – place the influencer marketing with either option a or b and then use an on-screen banner or pre-roll advertising to divert people to the video you wish them to view.

All three of these strategies will raise your profile whilst giving you a much lower price per viewer (and subsequently sales) than you will achieve through television, either traditional paid advertising or product placement.


Influencer Marketing – Reaching people who have switched away from TV

Influencer marketing, however, goes far beyond the video. It is also able to promote you across the complete gamut of online activity including social media and directly on blogs and other websites.  It can even be combined with another cost-effective advertising medium, affiliate marketing, to allow the influencer to become more active in promoting the product to his followers.

Social media influencers are extremely popular with younger generations who have switched away from TV and newspaper readership towards the wider range of voices to be found online.  Even when TV’s are switched on, they are now often a background activity whilst the primary attention is consumed by the second screen.

Given the high levels of screen time enjoyed by influencers, it is of little surprise that their followers put great weight behind their comments and interactions.  If your brand is portrayed in a positive light, it is likely to encourage interest and sales from the group in a way that conventional advertising slots are not able to achieve.

In this way, influencer marketing diverges away from the product placement model towards the elevation of the influencer to that of a champion or spokesperson for your brand.


Planning Your Online Campaign

It’s not sufficient to simply dump a few messages on social media.  A full influencer marketing campaign engages multiple influencers and can work in tandem with your other media and advertising activity to highlights sales or product launches.

If you think that influencer marketing may be for you, then why not get in touch with the experts at DOM Marketing.

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