Facebook Tips For Organic Results

4th August 2016

As we reported last month, the ability of business page Facebook posts to engage users organically has been declining of late, however, there are a number of tips and tricks available to publishers to raise the social media and influencer engagement level of your page.


1.) Targeting Your Audience

Broadcasting messages are on the wane as we start to get more granularity in targeting. This is as true on the already targeted environs of social media as it is for mass marketing tools such as television.

Facebook offers a feature that lets you choose the preferred audience for your post, allowing you to target subsets of your following to show messages to.

For instance, if you are a clothes retailer catering to men and women, the market of men interested in women’s dresses is rather a niche. With men more likely to be following your page for more masculine products, this tool allows you to target your messages only to those likely to be interested. You can also narrow your distribution based on interests and location. The targeting can be varied from post to post.


2.) Less is More

The majority of Facebook posts are seen by few people and engaged with by even less. This is often because of the sheer volume of uninteresting tweets that some brands insist on sending. You may think that your breakfast or your thoughts on Monday mornings are priceless, but it’s unlikely that your audience will find them so illuminating.

Twitter is the place for the bulk of your content. That site, at the time of writing, has less sophisticated methods of choosing content to show to followers of specific hashtags and pages than Facebook. If you create a post that engages people here, then try the same story (with expanded details where necessary) on Facebook. If you are attracting more organic likes on Facebook, then the system is more likely to show your posts in the feeds of your followers.


3.) Engaging Content

We touched on the updates you shouldn’t post in point 2. But what should you be posting? The answer is informative eye candy. Despite the number of words on display, Facebook is fast becoming visually driven. Infographics and well-shot videos are your keys to on-message retweets (although, puppies and kittens using your latest products would probably go viral).


4.) Add Your Followers

This is not a tip for everyone, but some Facebook pages are now able to like their followers. If that describes your page, then take advantage of the opportunities this presents to create an engaged following and increase your social media and influencer engagement. Beyond this, take the time to reply to comments and create a community atmosphere. It may sound like hard work, but it is likely to be more successful than simply firing messages into the ether.