Facebook Biggest Traffic Referrer Claims Report

30th September 2015

A new report from the traffic analytics company Parse.ly has suggested that the social networking site Facebook has edged ahead of the search engine giant Google as a source of traffic to the top 100 news sites in the USA.


News Site Traffic Survey

From May to the end of July 2015, 43% of referral traffic to the sites came from social and 38% from search. Google sites (including international user and Google-branded platforms such as Google news) and Facebook accounted for nearly 75% of the traffic in their respective sectors (38.2 percent to 35.2 percent of all traffic). Yahoo and Twitter made up a combined 9.3% of the referral traffic.

No data was supplied in the press reports regarding the quality of the traffic that the news sites received. There was also no information on the levels of traffic received to other non-news sectors of the internet, although the data would suggest that there is a readiness amongst consumers to receive items recommended by friends and trusted third parties.

The move towards more social networking generated traffic is an interesting change in the market given the explosive growth Google has experienced over the last ten years. The changes in traffic sources are not just limited to organically derived traffic. New data also suggest that display advertising on the popular social network is up 48% against a year ago.