Consumers 7 Times More Likely to Trust Social Content

9th January 2017

Research from the US service Olapic has revealed that consumers are seven times more likely to trust social media influencer content and user-generated content over more traditional forms of advertising.

The report, entitled “Consumer Trust: Keeping It Real” details the results of a survey of more than 4,500 active social media users located in both the US and Europe (including the UK). The survey indicates that the trust generated by ads has a tremendous impact on click-through rates and sales that are generated.

Takeaways from the Survey

  • 56% of respondents say they would be more likely to click on an ad with a consumer-generated image than a stock photo – and would be more likely to buy
  • 65% of surveyed Americans are interested in looking at social media photos while ‘pre-shopping’—when consumers begin browsing products
  • 80% of mobile users admitted they’re likely to block ads they find irrelevant or irritating
  • Low levels of consumer trust for traditional branded advertising
  • 27% of US respondents seek inspiration from user-generated content prior to making a purchase
  • Around 30% of those surveyed say that they have used branded social media to tell friends about the products they have bought from online retailers

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