DOM Marketing Takes Part in Shine Balloon Race

2nd March 2018

For the fifth consecutive year, DOM Marketing is supporting the Shine Newborn Babies Balloon Race. The race has now moved from its original incarnation to an environmentally-friendly virtual race.

This year DOM Marketing has sponsored two balloons in the race.  Even though the race is now a virtual experience, the funding enables the charity to continue with its mission of helping to provide support for people living with spina bifida and hydrocephalus.


About Shine and Spina Bifida Support

The current race is designed to improve the lives of newborn children living with the condition.  The funds raised will be used to provide much-needed support to around 200 babies, and their families, born each year with Spina Bifida and related conditions.  Shine was formed in 1966 to support those living with spina bifida.

Learning your unborn child will require major surgery within hours of their birth and still be paralysed below the waist and have brain injury through hydrocephalus is, as you can appreciate, a very traumatic experience, requiring support and advice from Shine’s experienced advisers. The support continues for the young children once they arrive home through the work of support and development workers.


Balloon Release

The balloons were ‘released’ to on 1st May to mark the 10th  International Wheelchair Day, an event founded 2008 by spina bifida suffer Steve Wilkinson. Mr Wilkinson will release the balloons from his home county of Tyne & Wear. The tracking system, although artificial, is based on real-time weather data and atmospheric conditions, meaning that it is an accurate and fun simulation of a real race.

This year, the DOM Marketing ballons are in the shape of a poodle and a heart.  If you would like to track their progress or get involved in a future race visit