Working with High Level Affiliates

14th September 2017

Affiliate marketing often works in tandem with other marketing streams such as influencer marketing and YouTube videos.  It’s important for a company to make the right effort to engage with this special breed of affiliate as they can often produce more revenue over the longer term than discount code sites.  They are also able to hit a different segment of the marketplace


Vouchers vs Influencer Affiliates

A voucher code site reaches people who are already familiar with your brand name and are looking to save money on an item that they have already selected from your site.  In some cases, they will be actively leaving your site after selecting their products to seek out a discount from a voucher code affiliate.  Whilst this can re-engage the price sensitive consumer, it will not be sufficient to capture customers who have never heard of your company in the first place.

Influencers can be rewarded for bridging that gap by bringing their existing followers to your products in exchange for a percentage of the sale price. But there are some things that you need to take care of to get the best results.


Pick your Influencer

Influencers that create a spammy vibe, are probably not going to do a lot for your sales figures, they are almost certainly not going to create repeat business.  Be careful that the influencer you choose to work with on this proposition looks the part of your business.  If you are selling hair care products, don’t pick a bald man.  Similarly, do not get people with heavy beards to become an influencer of your razor and shaving kits. Any use of affiliates to brand build must look natural.  With significant experience in these fields, an expert such as DOM Marketing makes an effective choice


Product and Review Samples

In most cases, your affiliate will be taking some images of your product by themselves.  This is acceptable and will help your product look more natural and less of a paid business arrangement. Your agency also needs to be on alert to deal with any problems that influencer/affiliate might experience.

Never assume that you are going to get a product returned to you.  If it absolutely must come back, ensure that it is signed for on delivery and that you have a signed agreement, stating that this item is on loan before you send the item.  You may also like to send pre-paid return labels and postage boxes if this is the case.


Bespoke Artwork

If you wish to showcase your product in the best light possible, why not provide bespoke artwork and images for the client.  This can be recut versions of existing imagery or video of the products.  You may also like to supply your influencer with some “Strongly Advised” wording.  In this kind of arrangement, where you are not directly paying for advertising per se, you may meet resistance if you insist on certain working.  However, if you recognise the workload that is created by running a popular website and furnish, some high-quality brand-focused work, you are very likely to find that this is used in favour of their own presentation of the product.


Pick an Affiliate Marketing Expert

Handling large affiliate campaigns that involve influencers who are being paid through a mix of commission and sample products can be a pain.  For most companies, it is far better to outsource this work to an expert in the field, such as DOM Marketing.  Our affiliate marketing programmes have been in operation for many years and are the best way to meeting the challenge of increasing sales at a fixed and defined cost.