Using Affiliate & Influencer Marketing together

14th September 2017

Social media has lead to the development of many new ways to stay in touch with your customers. However, its main contribution to e-commerce has been to facilitate a dialogue between companies and influencers and their followers.

Whilst traditional influencer marketing has been available for some time when paired together with Youtube and the power of affiliate marketing, this can truly become a platform that can move products, quickly and at a known and defined cost of sale.


Benefits for the Advertiser

1.) The advertiser is able to utilise a closely defined marketplace. Whilst magazines are able to do this, they are not able to offer the direct response and the measured response that many people find to be useful when counting sales.
2.) Most channels feature personalities, who are popular and well followed. The closest traditional marketing techniques to this, sponsorship and product placement or paid advertorial copy in a magazine or newspaper is not able to bring with them the personal touch and low-level interaction with fans.
3.) It is possible to offer the influencer pre-made video material that highlights your product and releases them from the chores of providing the video.
4.) Advertising spend is based on a completed sale. Unlike other forms of advertising, there is no wasted revenue, as all commissions are only paid out on the completion of a sale.
5.) The personal relationship between the influencer and his audience compares favourably with the familiarity found in the direct response TV market.


Benefits for the Influencer

1.) The ability to profit from a product directly.
2.) The ability to have the production costs of their work paid for in part by the originator of the product
3.) The ability to produce content that they believe will be of high interest to their followers.
4.) The ability to include video segments made by the manufacturer or retailer using specialist equipment into their work, improving the quality of their channel and ensuring that high-quality graphics are seen.


Benefits for the Follower

1.) They are introduced to new products in a carefully managed way
2.) They already have embedded trust in the person promoting the product. This means that trust of the item and brand should already be available.
3.) The products they are being introduced to should be relevant to their interests, needs and aspirations as defined through their interaction with the influencer.


Overall, there are many positive reasons why companies should reach out using YouTube influencers, but these can sometimes be undermined by the need for a defined cost of sale.
Bridging the gap between influencer marketing on YouTube and affiliate marketing can be a convoluted process. DOM Marketing has been active in both influencer marketing and affiliate marketing for some years and is able to offer expert advice on how to improve your situation.