Social Media & Affiliates – Avoiding Problems

14th September 2017

If you are unsure of how your affiliate partners can use your links and vouchers on social networks then it’s probably best to engage professional companies such as DOM Marketing to guide you through the potential issues that may be preventing your business from fulfilling its potential.


Inappropriate Content

Obviously, you can’t promote anything illegal, but there are various other problems that will cause problems for your affiliates on social media. You want your message to reach the highest possible number of people, so try to avoid these areas:
• tobacco products or related paraphernalia is generally becoming a no-no in society overall. If you are looking to sell this kind of material ensure that it does not inappropriately attract children to your product
• Adult products or content that cannot be sold in a low key manner (unless of course, you are in an age-restricted group)
• sensational content
• misleading or false content/ personal health – Facebook won’t approve any ‘before and after’ images, or images that contain unexpected or unlikely results.
• Ages: Don’t target products for medical products, health, fitness or weight loss to under 18’s.


Landing Pages

Low-quality or disruptive content or non-functional landing pages are typically going to cause your bounce rate to increase if nothing else. Make sure you are not landing people on faulty pages or error pages. If your company is not already a household name, this will kill any trust the client may have had.

Copying Content

It is tempting to copy text directly from a competitor that you know is doing well, but don’t do it for the sake of your brand integrity. As well as long like a poor rip off of your client, you will also be at best be asked to take it down if you are spotted doing this, at worst you are likely to banned from your affiliate network.


Ensure Voucher Codes Continue to Work Until Their Use-by Date

A problem that often occurs with affiliates is that systems on the affiliate site can refer to time differently to the site you are using. For instance, some CMS systems interpret a voucher end date to be at the very beginning of the day, whilst most systems interpret that to be at the very end of the day.

It’s always worth adding a day extra to your promotion, particularly if you have many visitors from overseas. After all midnight UK is early evening on the east coast of the USA. If you make sales to that timezone you will only frustrate customers if you do not make it possible to redeem vouchers.