Is your Affiliate Programme Ready for Christmas?

14th November 2017

The Christmas season is really starting to heat up with companies offering Black Friday deals over the few weeks before the American-derived sales event begins. If you have not done so already, now is the time to get your affiliate marketing programme ready for the Christmas sales period.

If you are looking for sales this Christmas, affiliates give a perfect method for selling items at a consistent cost of sale. If you are unsure where to start, here are our top tips.


Review Your Affiliate Marketing:

If your brand has a comparable period, then review your performance at that time against what you hope to achieve this year. You should be able to spot the areas that were underperforming against the rest of your online business quite easily.
Items to check include:

Average Order Value
Returns (Did you over promote your products and leave customers disappointed with the goods?)
Success of Promotions

If you have existing data from your affiliate network, view that data and find the partnerships that are already working and the smaller fry that look interesting. Work these connections with special vouchers and promotions and reward their success with banners and offers tailored to their site.

If you are not able to work on these relationships yourself then it is time to take action and hire in help from an affiliate marketing specialist such as DOM Marketing.


Plan Ahead for Affiliate Marketing Discount Codes:

Yes, Cyber Monday is important. But it’s also the busiest day and most likely to lead to complaints about service. Why not spread the load with discounts in the lead up to Black Friday and on quieter days in the run-up to Christmas.

Firstly, this will spread the load a little and get the warehouse and dispatch teams used to the higher stress levels they are going to experience over the coming weeks. Secondly, it’s also worth noting that by getting those positive reviews in earlier you are likely to have a better Trustpilot rating come the critical sales period.


Mobile Optimisation of Affiliate Landing Pages

Mobile is now the way of the world and your customers are increasingly happy to share their credit card data through the mobile website. This trend has been promoted by systems such as Android Pay that have made using a mobile to pay seem more normal. For many companies, you do not want to be bringing out mobile websites and testing them in the middle of the holiday season. But for the sake of your affiliates, you should consider investing in mobile early in the new year.


Customisation of Your Affiliate Network

We have already suggested working closely with your affiliates to drive maximum traffic, but you can also create more targeted clicks by using the information in your system to target specific niches that read certain blogs. For instance, a technology site reader is likely to be looking for information on gift type electronics in the run-up to Christmas, but will probably be seeking household goods and new televisions in the post-Christmas sale period.

Voucher cloud and similar sites are far harder to target as they operate to a general demographic who are focused on savings. Pressing the discount angle (or additional discount angle through sites that are already focused on this budget shopping method is probably your best bet.