Identifying the Major Players in Affiliate Networking

14th September 2017

At DOM Marketing we have a long history of working to better align brands with the benefits of affiliate marketing.  But who are the affiliate networks and how do they operate? Most networks have been around for a long time, and in common with most businesses, once that initial momentum has built, they stand the test of time due to the breadth of the user base.

This is certainly true in the affiliate marketing space.


Paid on Results

Scottish based Paid on Results is a slightly smaller network, but is much cheaper for first time advertisers.  Set up fees and overrides are reasonably priced, and it gives access to sites such as and

Paid on Results also features a health array of blog style publishers for those looking to grow their brand without necessarily growing their marketing budget.


Affiliate Window

Affiliate Window is a more expensive option for most companies. But in this case, you really do get what you pay for.  There are some amazingly large brands associated with the company.  Brands advertising through the programme include well-known names such as Boots and Debenhams and Topman. The business also boasts an impressive range of bloggers and voucher sites including top names such as the cashback site Quidco and voucher code site MoneySupermarket.

Other big names who have signed up as publishers include Bauer Radio (The company behind national broadcaster Absolute Radio and the market-leading Magic FM and Kiss 100 in London) as well the Chinese Social network Baidu.



If your business tends more towards using leads rather than e-commerce sales, then you may find that Affibank is the site you are looking for.  Affibank commissions are expensive, however, so it should perhaps compare more favourably with a lead buying service. It also attracts a number of companies that offer products that are likely to be needed on multiple occasions across the year, so can be seen as more applicable to a Cost per Acquisition model.


Call the Experts

If you are looking to increase your business through affiliate marketing, then DOM Marketing are the experts you can trust.  As well as setting up and managing your campaigns we are able to help you with deciding on those all-important discounts and price points.