Expand Internationally with Affiliates

14th September 2017

The goal behind the growth of any marketing channel is to ensure that the lifetime value of the channel is consistent and as high as possible, without creating problems for other channels. At Dom Marketing, our holistic approach to affiliate marketing is designed to secure your continued strong ROI on sales of your products. With the affiliates industry now estimated to be worth £12 billion per year, it is no longer a small side channel for your brand. With that in mind, it is worth checking out the opportunities that lie abroad for UK brands


Brexit and Affiliates

Whatever your view of Brexit, the world is going to get tougher and many of the old assumptions will be blown away. Times like this though, are also the time when fortunes are made by those who are able to look ahead.
Brexit provides a great opportunity to refocus your marketing. Whilst we may be facing higher costs to access Europe, we may also find that new roots open up to us, and some things become cheaper.
There is also a possibility that items you import from outside the EU may become free of tariffs


Looking Eastward – Asian Affiliate Marketing

One likelihood of Brexit is you will now be looking to reach clients in other areas of the world. The UK marketing magazine, The Drum has suggested that one area that has been missed so far is the potential of Asia.

Asia’s e-commerce spending hit US$1 trillion in 2016 alone, and affiliate marketing typically generates anywhere between 5-30% of a brand’s online revenue depending on engagement and commitment. China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and Australia are the core marketing in the areas.


Choose Experience – Choose DOM Marketing

Our team has experience working on multi-lingual sites and affiliate marketing and can offer you a voice in non-English speaking markets, that can open up your business to the rest of the world, at a very affordable price based on Cost Per Action (CPA) We will also make sure that your full marketing toolkit including affiliate marketing is lined up correctly and meets the needs and aspirations of your target customers.