Discover New Trends With Affiliate Marketing

14th September 2017

Most companies will be looking to promote their existing products via the affiliate marketing network platforms. But as you are always aware of the true cost of your marketing, affiliates can be a great place to test market new products. But how do you find out what products to add to your line up?

DOM Marketing is a full-service agency offering a rounded service, as such, we go far beyond setting up affiliate programmes. We are skilled at working out the detail of your pricing structure and evaluating marketing fees and costs. The customers taking advantage of this part of our affiliate marketing services can be assured that we will leave them with a fully costed and scalable model to sell their products – just the advice you need when launching a new product or moving into a new market segment.

We have access to a huge number of professional tools and sources that enable us to take an overview of the whole marketplace, but if you are looking to conduct a little initial research, then there are a number of freely available tools that will give you a general guide to market conditions.


Google Trends

Google logs its searches and makes that data available in a condensed format through its Google Trends service. With this data, you are able to see the terms that are growing and waining in popularity. The data can be filtered by country. If you wish to make sure you are in at the head of the pack with your new idea (or conversely find if the trend is “done”) then Google Trends is your starting place.


AdWords Keyword Planner

Staying with Google, the Adwords planner is able to give you a rounded search volume across months for your chosen keywords. This data can show how much demand there is for your product, and it will also give you a guide to the competition levels within this niche. If you spot a massive volume with no competitors, then our suggestion is to jump on it. Unfortunately, as more businesses move online, this becomes less and less likely.

DOM Marketing is able to give you an overview of your marketing terms and can give you a guide to how many customers are in the marketplace on a monthly or yearly basis.


Alibaba Trends

There is a delay between the wholesale market and the retail market. This is due to shipping and production. If only there was some way of finding out what small retailers have been buying in from their production sites in China. Well, there is. Ali Baba is the site merchants use to buy goods directly from Chinese manufacturers or to have existing products badged before import.
Like most retail sites, the most popular items are presented at the top of the search results. This will let you understand what to expect from your competitors as well as the functions that are available on the latest equipment.


Amazon Trends

You can also use sites such as Amazon to monitor consumer demand for these products once they have hit your home marketplace.
In Amazon, look for the following lists:
• Best Sellers
• Hot New Releases
• Most Gifted
• Most Wished For
• Movers & Shakers

Affiliate marketing offers a dependable and cost calculated route to market for your new products. If you have the right products, then DOM Marketing can make it a successful product line.