Affiliates to Overtake Email Marketing?

14th September 2017

We are reaching a position in affiliate networking and marketing where we are soon going to see it overtake email as a medium for reaching customers.

Logically, this makes some sense, as your smaller targeted affiliates are more likely to reach a niche than the poorly targeted newsletters put together by many big brands. From the relatively inauspicious beginnings of the affiliates industry in the early 1990’s at PC Flowers and Gifts, we have seen this grow to a campaign every company can benefit from.

Whilst early schemes were limited to one particular retailer, the modern affiliate network is simple in its aim: to be a meeting point for publishers and advertisers to meet and conduct business as seamlessly as possible.

Whilst the networks have definitely improved access to the area, there is little doubt that using the services of a professional affiliate marketing intermediaries such as DOM Marketing is a great way to go to help your business thrive and prosper in this busy space.

The trade-off is a better target and sometimes larger audience for your product, skilfully edited by a team of outsiders with that largely indefinable “X-Factor” that readers and viewers are looking for in their news sources.

In the future, we are likely to see more companies enter the fray, at all levels of the industry. These groups will ultimately attract more publishers, who recognise that the quality of material and leads that are emanating from the paid affiliate marketing campaigns benefit both publisher and brand.


Ad Blocking and Affiliates

Many pages belonging to influencers are little more than paid advertising. However, few items on these sites or on the vouchers sites are likely to black out by ad filters, as these pages are effectively the content that is being browsed for.

If you need help with building a high-quality affiliate networking service, then you should get in touch with DOM Marketing. With many years experience in affiliate marketing, we are able to add sparkle to your campaigns