Magento 2

The new Magento 2 engine has been released marking a significant upgrade in functionality and security over other e-commerce solutions

The big question asked by e-commerce retailers is
“Should we stick with our existing solutions or upgrade to the power of Magento 2?”

Build your site in


with DOM Marketing

Building your eCommerce website is a time-consuming and challenging process. DOM Marketing makes it easy to give your business a cutting-edge e-commerce sales platform packed with the best technology.

Our Magento 2.1 website building service offers an excellent way to get your business online or upgrade the experience of your current website.

Enjoy all the new features and security updates, such as:

  • Better checkout flow
  • Improved backend admin
  • Great plugin support
  • Superb SEO compatibility
  • Speed improvements

Build your website
with Magento

For your convenience, our service includes:

  • Installation of a template and the Magento engine installation to your web server.
  • Database migration from your current website (if applicable) including Sales data, product catalogue and categories, customer views, catalogue price rules, cart price rules, email templates, newsletter templates, content for your category pages and report
  • You receive a ready-to-go website based on the latest Magento 2 engine installed on your server with a new design and your catalogue and data transferred.