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Magento 2

Support for Magento 1, including fixes to security flaws, will end soon. Upgrade today

The new Magento 2 engine has been released marking a significant upgrade in functionality and security from previous versions. The big question asked by e-commerce retailers is “Should we upgrade our website from the Magento 1.x engine?”

Upgrade Magento

with DOM Marketing

Building your e-commerce website is a time-consuming and challenging process, therefore, you may be hesitant to build another complete site from scratch.

Our “Magento 1.x to Magento 2 Migration” offer is an excellent way to upgrade the experience of your current website, avoiding compatibility problems and enjoying all the new features and security updates, such as:

  • Better checkout flow
  • Improved Magento 2 backend admin
  • Speed improvements
  • Database improvements
  • Full page caching


from 1.9 to 2



For your convenience, our offer includes:

  • Theme and Magento engine installation to your web server.
  • Database migration from your current website including:
  • Sales data: orders, invoices, shipments, credit memos and transactions
  • Catalogue: product lists, product views and categories
  • Customers: all customers and customer views
  • Marketing: catalogue price rules, cart price rules, prepared emails, newsletter themes, newsletter queue, newsletter subscribers, URL rewrites, search terms, search synonyms, sitemap and product/service reviews
  • Content: pages, blocks, widgets, design configuration and store design schedule
  • Reports: products in cart, search terms report, abandoned carts, newsletter problems report, customer reviews report, product reviews report
  • Stores: stores, order status, tax rules, zones and rates, currency rates, product attributes, attribute sets, ratings and customer groups
You receive a ready-to-go website based on the latest Magento 2 engine installed on your server with a new design and your catalogue and data transferred.
Please note: Any custom developed / third-party module that is included on your current website will not be transferred.