Facebook Advertising

Target 32-million UK residents by user-defined segments and affinities

Create and Grow Online Communities with Facebook Ads

Harness the power of paid Facebook advertising to bring people to your Facebook business page or online shop.

Facebook ads allow you to reach geographic and demographic targets effectively with accurate data provided by your targets. The net result for your brand is well targeted advertising at a low cost, improving your return on investment over less targeted methods.

Selling Products
Using Facebook PPC

More than 2 billion people worldwide now use social media on a regular basis with 32 million Facebook accounts in the UK alone. This figure is set for an increase over the next few years.

Figures reported in the Daily Telegraph suggest that UK-based users now spend 1hr and 20 minutes on social sites each day.

If your potential customers are spending so much time here shouldn’t your brand have a presence there too?

Engaging Solutions for Targeting Facebook Ads

Facebook Ad Manager is not known for its user friendliness, but DOM Marketing offers a number of solutions to the retailer’s dilemma.

Our Facebook for business packages allow you to target consumers where they are most comfortable and to target your ad spend to self-defined demographics. Some of the many categories available include:

Available Categories

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Languages spoken
  • Education
  • Ethnicity
  • Income
  • Net worth
  • Household composition
  • Relationship status
  • Work status
  • Interests (including competing brands)
  • Buying profiles
  • Ethnicity
  • Residential ownership
  • Travel preferences

Targeting can also be used to show ads only in specific locations, making it easy to drive traffic to your store pages resulting in an increased footfall in store.

With a wide array of targeting options including highly attractive Facebook video ads, and precise user supplied information, targeting small minority interests can be extremely cost effective.

Facebook Ads
Pricing & Positioning

The cost of advertising on Facebook varies with the position of the advert and the market being targeted. Ads can be placed in the mobile news feed, the desktop news feed and in the right hand column of the desktop browser.

Drive Ads To Your Facebook Page, To Your Site Or To
Your App Download Service

With a number of scalable packages available, you can drive your ad viewers to the page of your choice, from newsletter sign ups to like and follow your page (allowing you to drive organic traffic in the future) through to sending visitors directly to your sales pages on your website to directly drive sales.

We are able to supply images for your adverts or work with your internal team. If you decided to complete graphics in-house the Facebook ad sizes required are as listed below.

Recommended Image Size

Facebook in Tandem
with Other Platforms

Facebook advertising can also be used in conjunction with remarketing advertising also known as dynamic retargeting. Once Facebook has delivered a visitor to your site you are able to add cookies to the user and then follow their activity around the internet.

Understand your Interactions with
Facebook Tracking Pixels

Facebook offers similar tracking functionality to Google AdWords, but with the additional data overlay of being able to see the aggregated demographic information of visitors to the site or service that has been targeted by your ad.