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11th July 2017

What’s New in Google AdWords Editor 12

The end of June saw Google release the latest version of their desktop AdWords Editor software.  The new version (Version 12) is now available to download.  But, …

11th July 2017

How to Get Links Now Guest Blogs are Dying

Despite all the hype, guest blogging is not completely dead. It remains a good way of sharing your brand with interested readers. However, it is of limited …

30th June 2017

WordPress Signals End to HTTP Support

Google has been attempting to bring sites to the HTTPS security standard for some time, and it looks as though the message has been heeded by WordPress.  …

30th June 2017

RLSA Advertising Tips and Tricks

Remarketing Lists for Search Ads is an often-overlooked technology available to anyone running PPC ads on Google AdWords.  They really should not be overlooked however as they …

20th June 2017

Bing Adds Mobile-Only Campaigns

Bing has been late to the device targeting party in comparison to Google. However, it has now rolled out several global changes that allow advertisers to run …

14th June 2017

Strategies for Google Shopping

Google Shopping is a growing force in retail advertising. It now accounts for more that half of retailer online advertising spend in the USA. The UK and …

7th June 2017

What is Google’s Project Owl?

The subject of the news has been a keep topic of conversation in recent months with the emergence of the fake news phenomena. Google and Facebook have …

6th June 2017

Using Symbols and Emojis in PPC Ad Text

PPC advertising companies such as Google and Bing have allowed the registered and trademark symbols in ads for a long time and it has proved to be …

5th June 2017

Tips for Small PPC Campaigns

Paid search marketing lets a business promote its services beyond its normal reach, increasing conversions from your audience. PPC can be confusing. If you are setting up …

24th May 2017

Bing Bots for Local Businesses

Bing – The search engine from Microsoft has announced that it will be extending it bot framework in an attempt to make search more interactive. The company …

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