Everything You Will Ever Need to Know About Search

14th September 2017

Third Party Ads in Knowledge Bar

For venues such as bars, restaurants and tourist attractions, as well as for retailers with local outlets, the Google knowledge panel has become a key part of …

12th September 2017

Text Ads Come To The Knowledge Panel

Google has increasingly been pushing its users towards the knowledge panel for some time now, so it comes as little surprise that it’s latest developments seek to …

8th September 2017

Google AdWords Changes Rotation Options

Google has been introducing many new options to its AdWords service lately, so it is a little surprising to see a number of options related to ad …

29th August 2017

More Sitelinks for AdWords Users

The Google Search Engine has now increased the number of sitelinks that can be featured in an advert. The move sees the service increase the total number …

25th August 2017

AdWords Landing Page Tool Launches

Search giant Google has finally begun the roll out its long announced mobile landing pages assessment tool for PPC advertisers. The tool was first previewed at the …

14th August 2017

Are You Using Extended Text Ads?

Have you already changed your ads to the expanded text format? If so, well done. You have been very proactive. But are you making use of all …

7th August 2017

What Does Voice Search Mean for Your PPC Ads?

Voice recognition has come a long way. From barely understanding “Call Dad” to being able to give you a full update on the latest sports score, the …

2nd August 2017

AdWords New Feature – Headline Reverse

Users of Google AdWords and particularly those with an interest in e-commerce PPC have routinely created two adverts to a/b split test the effectiveness of their headlines. Google …

24th July 2017

What’s Coming Up in Google AdWords

The new user interface for Google AdWords is beginning to bed in. But there are still more features ready to roll out to PPC marketing experts over …

24th July 2017

New AdWords Interface Brings New Services

Google is constantly testing out new options. This week we take a look at the latest version of the AdWords user interface (known internally as the New …

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