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22nd November 2017

Firefox Chooses Google for Quantum

PPC budgets rarely take into account the software the user is using to see the ads, often assuming that all desktop browsers are built the same.  However, …

14th November 2017

Christmas PPC Tune-Up

Optimising PPC Accounts can be a difficult job, so its important to either understand the potential problems in your account or to engage a professional, such as …

14th November 2017

Is your Affiliate Programme Ready for Christmas?

The Christmas season is really starting to heat up with companies offering Black Friday deals over the few weeks before the American-derived sales event begins. If you …

10th November 2017

Google and Bing Reveal Financial Results

Stock Market reporting season is underway and that means that the latest data on the shape of the PPC market is now available. Google’s parent company Alphabet …

7th November 2017

Google Launches Home Service Ads in USA

Google AdWords is an ideal set up for large businesses and those in retail. However, for smaller tradespeople, it doesn’t always hit the spot. In the USA …

3rd November 2017

Bing Shopping Expands

Bing Ads recently announced that its shopping platform will shortly roll out to Canada and India. The service will, for the time being at least only offer …

24th October 2017

Online Advertising Round-Up

Whilst we tend to focus on the big changes made to AdWords and Bing Ads, there are a number of other ad platforms that are constantly evolving.  Today …

14th October 2017

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Affiliate marketing is best compared to a commission-only salesman. You undertake the basic marketing costs such as producing brochures and other promotional material and then send the …

13th October 2017

Google Improves AdWords Scripts Access

The new AdWords experience launched early in 2017 and slowly rolled out to customers.  Despite this slow rollout, new features are still being added to the rebooted …

10th October 2017

AdWords Adds Automatic Overspend

On the 4th October, Google notified AdWords customers that it has changed the way daily budgets are now handled by the site. The site now allows your …

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