Affiliate Marketing

Pay for Results with Commission-Based Marketing

Performance Based

At DOM Marketing we offer a range of services that allow your company to sell your products using the power of affiliate marketing.

Our professional services allow you to find affiliates in a wide range of niches who are able to offer your products to their regular readers and viewers.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Our affiliate marketing expertise is unmatched. We bring your brand maximum prominence, sales and profits by working with key partners to achieve the best possible cost of sale.

By carrying out bespoke research to suit each client’s requirements affiliates become a cost effective part of your digital marketing mix.

Common Publisher Types:

  • - Voucher Code Publishers
  • - Cash Back Sites
  • - Email and Social Media Publishers
  • - Niche Publishers/Bloggers

Voucher Code Affiliates

Voucher codes sites offer customers an online voucher to be used at your checkout in return for a small commission payable to the referring site. The most popular of these sites is These codes can also be used in your offline promotions should you prefer.

Cashback Affiliates

Cashback affiliates operate by giving customers a percentage off the price they pay online. This money is typically returned to the customer in the months after the purchase. The customer gets cash back whilst the retailer benefits from a lower, fixed cost of sale. Cashback affiliates include Topcashback and Quidco.


Setting up and managing an affiliate programme can be a chore. We are able to handle recruiting new publishers, the optimisation of existing publishers and commission payment management on your behalf.

Promotional Planning

DOM Marketing have a long history in working with affiliates. We are able to assist with planning content, setting up voucher codes, creating banner ads and email based campaigns. We also offer affiliate focused social engagement in line with your promotion calendar.

Reporting &
Commission Verification

We make sure you’re not paying commission on sales you shouldn’t and that you have a comprehensive reporting process giving direction to your campaigns.

*We will never share your information with third parties